Detailed and pro active

The prompt and precise gathering of all transactions is not only regulated by law but forms necessary conditions for all data- collecting programmes and the evaluation based hereon.
Successful corporate governance demands such precise accounting.

If you want to do without your own accounting or only do parts of it in- house, we do the regular and payroll accounting with periodic data analyses and evaluation, as requested.

Clients, doing their own accounting, who want to have help with the reconstruction, change or with nonrecurring items in their bookkeeping and accounting, can be supported by our consultants.

An overview of our services

  • processing of your accounting with up-to- date EDP programmes in our office
  • preparation of wage and salary cost statements ( also construction pay) including necessary tax and social insurance registration
  • support for our clients by qualified personnel e.g. with financial difficulties or accounting debts
  • success monitoring and performance reviews done in business assessments
  • installation of systems for cost accounting and controlling
  • choice and installation of EDP solutions for your company’ s accounting system
  • installation of budget, profit and loss account systems
  • support with developing business plans and the implementation of planned/actual data comparisons
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